Buying a Home

So much can factor into purchasing a new home. The Jeff Washo Team will support you with tools to assessed your needs as well as finances up-front, so your search leads you to your dream home…rather than a personal nightmare.

As a team, we commit to:

  • Communicate with you in a timely and efficient manner
  • Identify your needs
  • Represent you in negotiations with prospective sellers
  • Work to protect your interests through the completion of the transaction.

Identifying Your Needs

Your needs come first. The process of purchasing a home must match your objectives, and priorities in order to be a true success. Please download and use this packet, complete helpful exercises and checklists to help identify what is important to you and assist us in building a strong working relationship and establish a framework for us to better understand your homebuying goals. 

Download our Identifying Your Needs Packet (PDF)

The Homefinding Process

Whether this is your first homesearch or one of several, reviewing the process of finding a home is always helpful and beneficial. An outline of the homebuying process and a helpful glossary are included in this informative packet.

Download our Homefinding Process Packet (PDF)